Careswoth CHIropractic clinic

Caresworth Chiropractic Clinic

At Caresworth Chiropractic Clinic (CCC), we focus on Conservative Treatments to help our patients recover from injuries. We believe that our patients should not live with any form of pain, be it from car accidents, slip and fall, or any other type of accidents. Our compassionate team goes above and beyond in ensuring that our patients receive great care at the clinic. We incorporate both passive and active care. This natural approach to recovery have proven to be effective in enabling patients to get back to their lives and start doing the activities they love pain-free.

We are 100% committed to helping make the pain go away and we care about each and every one of the patients that come through our doors.  In addition to treating your pain, we seek to wipe away not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of the problem.  This leads to a long term solution to your problem rather than a temporary fix.


Shoulder Pain

Radiating shoulder pain is usually caused by subluxations which can be relieved by aligning the spine with chiropractic care.

Neck Pain

Chiropractic care is a natural way to correct subluxations and pinched nerves in the neck that can cause excruciating pain and headaches.

Chronic Fatigue

Chiropractic adjustments help align the body to allow the nervous system to function at its best to boost the immune system and prevent fatigue. Let us help you!

Chiropractor in Houston

Our individualized treatments allow our staff to get to the core issues that will lead to a specific treatment program to end your life of pain. We can schedule times in the morning, afternoon and evening during the week to work with your schedule. At our Houston location we even offer by-appointment scheduling on Saturdays, along with normal hours during weekdays. Caresworth Chiropractic Clinic accepts most insurances. Call us today and schedule an appointment.



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